10 de mayo de 2011


geography-map-games : GEOGRAPHY-MAP-GAMES.COM : Free flash geography games. Geographic knowledge games about the World, Europe, UK, US, Commonwealth


Already addicted to "jeux-geographiques.com", now I'm afraid not able to stop playing often on your site. Congratulations, it's wonderful!

Here is my opinion: I do think your bonus time is too important, especially for "little" contries. For instance, on "cities of UK" and "cities of UK Junior", it's not that important to ignore where the cities are situated. Place your mouse in the middle of England (more or less on Coventry for instance), wait for the city proposal: as soon as the name appears, and you don't know where to click, don't move and click ASAP! You will get many points even tough you absolutely don't know anything about the city. The bonus time is really too important for me...

Thanks to have read this message!