26 de octubre de 2012

Water in Watercolor with Joe Francis Dowden

Joe Francis Dowden,
paints spectacular water scenes with this artistsnetwork.tv video workshop, Water in Watercolor. Joe jumps right into the painting process with a river scene (shown in process here), teaching how to not only paint the water, but the surrounding landscape as well. In addition, he'll complete a scene where the focus is on rocks under the surface of shallow water, and another concentrating on techniques for fast-flowing water. Joe has fun tips and tricks throughout--masking, spattering, wet-into-wet, using gum arabic and more, for lively paintings.


If you want to paint for the first time or develop your ability, or if you have felt discouraged in the past, this is probably one of your best opportunities to learn to produce beautiful paintings in watercolour. These watercolour classes are “stand alone” – each one aims to help you produce a complete painting in one day. Any one of these classes can give you techniques to use in all your paintings. Choose which you would like to do – numbers are limited so they are subject to availability. Look at the “past events” tab under “events” on this website, or click here to see past workshops, and groups of painters with their paintings. I base what I teach on my own professional paintings and what I have learned as a painter over the years – see the galleries on this site.

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