22 de diciembre de 2012

Watercolour Realism - a different approach. With Elizabeth Tyler.

Elizabeth Tyler
 Though now a resident of Sweden Elizabeth Tyler was born in England and educated at art college there. She has been a professional artist for four decades and exhibits her artworks regularly at galleries and art museums in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

She is the author of “Akvarelbogen” (The watercolour book) published by Gydendals publishing house in Copenhagen, 2005. The ebook “Watercolour in detail” published in 2012 is also written and illustrated by her.

Elizabeth Tyler often finds her subject matter in a small area of a stony beach and the borderline between the sea and the shore is a symbolic and important source of inspiration for her.

In this video Elizabeth Tyler shows how she gladly breaks many of the rules of traditional watercolour painting whilst creating a large seascape. Apart from brushes she works with pens, pencils, ruler pens, colour shapers, sponges and masking fluid etc.

She even uses sandpaper, saucepan scrubbers, razorblades and erasers for corrections. You can see how she still keeps control even when pouring strong colour directly over the paper . 

Elizabeth Tyler