8 de septiembre de 2012

Long Exposure Light Painting Photography – Video Tutorial

Este video está en Ingles pero vale la pena verlo!

In order to make an orb, you'll need some battery operated fairy lights, speaker wire, electrical tape, and a functional arm to spin it with.
I recommend getting white LEDs because you can change the colors of them at any time by taping some Roscolux colored gels over them.
Once you've got some fairy lights, cut the two wires and extend them using speaker wire. Watch this video tutorial by TxPilot to see this process being done in real time.
Now that you have your orb tool, you are ready to start taking the light painting photo. Set your camera up on a tripod and use manual mode with auto-focusing off.
The specific camera settings you need to use will always vary - it all depends on how bright the fairy lights are in relation to the environment they are being photographed in. Sometimes I take one photograph with the camera settings adjusted for the landscape and then another separate photograph with the settings adjusted for the orb and then combine them in Photoshop by placing both of the images in a Photoshop document as layers, and then selecting "Lighten" or "Screen" as the Blending Mode on the top layer. 

http://photoextremist.com/orb-light-painting-tutorial go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.