13 de octubre de 2011

Johnny Depp Speed drawing portrait in dry brush technique

I wished to draw for a long time a portrait of well-known actor Johnny Depp, http://art-portrets.ru/johnny-depp-portrait.html as a result a portrait is drawn in the dry brush technique. Speed drawing portrait video consists of fragments Shooting on video camera. When draw a portrait moreover the actor such calibre as Johnny Depp, shooting on video distracts from work with a portrait, and sometimes a little and at all I forgot to include it in the fullness of time, therefore Speed drawing in video makes approximately about 70 %. Portrait drawing Johnny Depp has appeared not absolutely simple decision, therefore during portrait drawing, often it is necessary to correct some errors, achieving the best result. Is it possible, you can Comment and Rate If u liked drawing of artist Igor Kazarin. Pleasant to you of viewing